What Does a Video Editor Do?

What Does a Video Editor Do?

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A video editor is involved in video production and post-production of film making. The video editor’s responsibilities involve decisions about selecting and combining of shots into sequences as well as adding sound effects and music – ultimately creating a finished movie, TV show, commercial, promo or snipe.

Video editors usually use non-linear editing software to accomplish the editing process. Video editor is a technologically inclined individual that makes creative video editing decisions.

What Does a Video Editor Do?

What does a video editor do?

A video editor uses the accompanying foodage, sound and graphics to tell a story. Developing scripts, producing and editing videos and photos for multiple platforms, from short format daily content to long format series for social media; and adding and creating graphics, animations, special effects, music, sound effects and sound bites.

Elizabeth Giorgi, founder and CEO of internet video production company Mighteor says, that a video editor also makes decisions about maximizing the value of online content and helps to align its final version with the appropriate distribution platform. To ensure consistent and comprehensive content can be a part of the day-to-day operations of audience development and working with members of other departments or an editorial team.

Whether a video meets its goals or not is often determined by its editing package.

What skills does a video editor need?

Storytelling is the first skill a video editor should have. You have to watch the video through the eyes of your audience.Also consider how the edits affect the story you’re telling.

The use of editing tools such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s Premiere Pro may help you. Online teaching sites can help you to develop your skills further.

Experience with after effects, color quality and sound software, as well as the latest on mobile will make you an expert and increase your abilities and enrich you. It is important to pay attention to detail and to think laterally and visually.

Video editor’s job outlook

Most video editors start out as editing assistants or trainees for senior editors at production studios or broadcasting stations. They can start with editing by Television shows and movies. After gaining more experience, talented video editors may have the opportunity to work up to senior video editing positions. Video editors usually have the option of working as freelancers.